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Taking virtue as the first, both ability and political integrity, excellent choice




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Our mission


a loyal partner of global customers, a model of behavior in competition with the industry


The best employer of employees worldwide The brand image of the public


Huizhou Huayang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a young company. You can learn from the company's profile. At the same time, he is a fast-growing company.


Our goal is to be a world-class company in the field we work in.


The future will be full of challenges. If you have a strong sense of self-motivation, teamwork, skill and pioneering enthusiasm, as your company grows and continues to grow, your space will be huge.


We need talents that excel. Since its inception, Huayang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. has been operating in a highly competitive global environment, and its fields are challenging and competitive. And within the company, changes are constantly happening. To lead the way in the industry, it depends on each of our employees, we need first-class talent to work in each area of ​​the company to jointly contribute to our business goals. We also expect you to reach your full potential in this team.


In short, opportunities and challenges coexist, we look forward to your joining.


The company attaches great importance to continuing education and development training for employees, and strives to create opportunities to provide employees with diverse training. The newly recruited college students will carry out a series of pre-job trainings such as professional change, corporate culture, team building, rules and regulations, job process, job knowledge, production internship, etc., and designate old staff with rich work experience as the mentor to conduct careful guidance and Help, so that new college students can adapt to the company's environment and job as soon as possible. According to the needs of the post, the employees are arranged to participate in various post skills, professional skills and management improvement trainings organized inside and outside the company. According to the needs of the company, Zhou will selectively send some management or technical backbones to visit famous and famous enterprises at home and abroad.


The company implements the "dual track system" career development channel in parallel with technical duties and administrative duties, so that employees have clearer and clear career development directions and goals.


The company adheres to the employment mechanism of "internal growth, selection of cadres", and truly provides and creates opportunities for employees to grow together with the company.