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1. The company implements a working system every five days and enjoys overtime pay as stipulated by the state;


2. In addition to the statutory holidays prescribed by the state, the company may also enjoy the company's annual leave, paid sick leave, marriage leave, maternity leave and other paid periods;


3. The company purchases social insurance for employees such as pension, medical care, work injury, unemployment, and childbirth;


4. In addition to providing competitive compensation, the company also enjoys year-end double pay and year-end awards;


5. Allocating shares for key employees;


6. The company holds a staff lottery draw every Mid-Autumn Festival and Spring Festival;


7. The company organizes employees to travel outside the "May 1" or "National Day" every year;


8. The company provides employees with a comfortable and safe accommodation and dining environment;


9. Purchase various social insurances such as medical care and pension for employees.