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Talent Concept

Talent Concept

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We desperately need outstanding talents. Since its establishment, Huayang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. has been operating in a highly competitive global environment, and its fields are full of challenges and fierce competition. And within the company, changes are constantly occurring. If we want to lead the trend in the industrial field, it depends on every one of our employees. We need first-class talents to work in various specialized fields within the company to jointly promote our business goals. We also look forward to your full potential in this team.


The company attaches great importance to continuing education and development training for employees, and strives to create various opportunities to provide employees with diversified training. New college students will be given a series of pre-job trainings such as career change, corporate culture, team building, rules and regulations, job procedures, job knowledge, production internships, etc., and veteran employees with rich work experience will be appointed as mentors for careful guidance and Help so that newly recruited college students can adapt to the company environment and work as soon as possible. According to job requirements, employees are planned to participate in various job skills, professional skills and management improvement trainings held inside and outside the company. According to the needs of the company, some management or technical backbones are selectively sent to famous domestic and foreign companies to visit and study during the week.

The company implements a "dual track" career development channel that parallels technical and administrative positions, so that employees have a clearer and clearer career development direction and goals.

The company adheres to the employment mechanism of "internal growth and selection of cadres", and truly provides and creates opportunities for employees, so that every employee can grow together with the company.

The future will be full of challenges. If you have a strong sense of self-motivation, teamwork, skilled skills and pioneering enthusiasm, with the company's expansion and continuous growth, there will be huge room for development.

In short, opportunities and challenges coexist, and we look forward to your joining.


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