Foryou Industries Co., Ltd.

Foryou Corporation was founded in 1993. After more than 20 years of exploration and development, it has formed an enterprise group led by three major businesses: automotive electronics, precision electronic components, and precision die-casting. The group was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in October 2017 (stock code: 002906).

Foryou Industries co.,Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Foryou Corporation with a registered capital of 254.8 million Hong Kong dollars. It is a high-tech enterprise that develop high-precision zinc alloy/aluminum alloy die-casting, high-precision injection molding machine specialized in automotive key components. manufacture and sell processing and precision molds.

Companies adhering to the "manufacturing duty, the power of people and technology, to provide customers with competitive, peace of mind products and services, committed to the happy life of employees, return to shareholders and society" business philosophy, with advanced precision Mold technology and low-cost automation development capabilities, sophisticated equipment and amoeba lean operation, always pursue quality first, customer satisfaction first, and wholeheartedly create value for customers, and seek the company's sustained and steady development.

Foryou Industries co.,Ltd own more than 100 die-casting machines with different brands such as: Frech / Buhler / Suzuka / Toshiba / Toyo / Ube, high-precision electric discharge machine, high-precision slow wire cutting machine, More than 500 high-precision CNC machining centers like Mazak / Fanuc / Brother, more than 10 lines of DURR high-cleanliness cleaning equipment and 3-valent chromium passivation production, more than 200 sets of machine of Industrial CT scanners, direct reading spectrometers, X-ray flaw detectors, three-dimensional/secondary measuring instruments(CMM), 3D Microscope, profilometer, roundness meter, film thickness meter, salt spray test machine, mechanical performance equipment, projector, pneumatic measuring instrument and other well-known brand measuring equipment. Foryou also built an information management platform with Magma mold flow software, SAP and other advanced design and management software.

Foryou Corporation has a vision of “contributing to improving the human life through continuous improvement and becoming a leading company in the industry”. To achieve this goal, Foryou has been practicing in daily life and sincerely hope that we will provide more and better products to our customers to serve the society through our own efforts, making our lives more meaningful and turning our society a better place. We will contribute our strength to promote the progress of this industry.

Automotive key parts

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3C & Industrial Components

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