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Technical strength

The company has a complete and scientific quality management system. In the spirit of "daring to innovate, steady and progressive", we boldly introduce advanced production equipment, strengthen production management, and strictly control quality. With its stable product quality, fast delivery and price advantages, it stands out in the fierce competition market and develops steadily.

R & D and innovation results

283 People

Technical Team

30 Item

On-the-job staff

2 Item

National Qualification

7 Item

Total size of contract


Gazelle Enterprise

Gold Award for High Quality Die Casting

Contract-abiding and trustworthy enterprise

Provincial Enterprise Technology Center

ISO 9001:2015(英)

ISO 9001:2015(中)



WABCO Excellent Execution Award

Organization Award

Quality Cooperation Award

Best Supply Cooperation Award

IATF 169492016 (中)

IATF 169492016 (英)

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