Design and R&D position


Minimum Education:


Number of Recruits:


Experience requirements:


Work area:


Job requirements:
(1) Fresh graduates, bachelor’s degree or above, majoring in mechanical related fields;
(2) CET-4 and above;
(3) Identify with the company's values, devote yourself to the manufacturing industry, have a strong sense of teamwork, and be able to endure hardships and stand hard work.
Job Responsibilities:
(1) Assist in following up on the design of production tooling fixtures, the formulation of production process flow and the application of new processes and new materials;
(2) Assist in the follow-up implementation of product structure optimization, process improvement, and improvement of product standardization;
(3) Assist in solving technical problems during product production, assembly, and debugging.

Contact person: Ms. Lin
Contact number:13437602965