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In order to help Jiangsu Favour Automotive New Stuff Sci-Tech Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhongyi") to enhance its corporate competitiveness, transform its business philosophy

In order to help Jiangsu Favour Automotive New Stuff Sci-Tech Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhongyi") to enhance its corporate competitiveness, transform its business philosophy, and cultivate management compound talents, from October 14th to October 16th, Foryou Industries Co.Ltd and Together with Guangzhou Daocheng Consulting Group, we will jointly start a three-day amoeba management system training!

As a holding subsidiary of , Foryou Industries Co.Ltd Zhongyi was founded in December 2002. It is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province that specializes in the design and development of automotive magnesium-aluminum alloy parts, steering wheel assemblies and information and communication equipment structural parts.

On October 14, the amoeba management system project kick-off meeting was successfully held in Zhongyi. The meeting was presided over by Gao Xinfang, deputy director of the human resources department of Foryou Industries Co.Ltd. The vice president of Foryou Industries Co.Ltd attended the project kick-off meeting. Liu Bin, chairman of Seiki, Tian Hexi, founder of Daocheng Consulting Group, Gu Yufeng, co-founder, Lai Minwei, executive deputy general manager of Zhongyi, and leading cadres at all levels from Huayang Seiki and Zhongyi.

Chairman Liu Bin gave a keynote speech at the meeting from the perspective of China Wing's current operating status. He pointed out that China Wing's current status is very similar to the situation of Foryou Industries Co.Ltd in 2014, which is like a microcosm, but the current situation is more severe:

Internally, it is difficult to expand the scale of sales, there is still room for improvement in customer satisfaction, and the vitality of internal employees urgently needs to be activated;

Externally, the Sino-US trade war continues, the epidemic is repeated, the renminbi exchange rate fluctuates, the production and electricity restrictions, the increase in transportation costs, and the increase in raw materials;

Therefore, in the face of today's complicated situation, it is imperative to introduce the amoeba management system.

Recalling the history of Foryou Industries implementation of amoeba management, Chairman Liu Bin pointed out that the amoeba management has brought three major changes to Foryou Industries Co.Ltd:

1. Changed the people, changed the organization, and cultivated a group of business talents;

2. Change the company's operating physique and improve the company's operating efficiency;

3. Changed the company's development trajectory and destiny, making the company's development stable and far-reaching.

At the kick-off meeting, Chairman Liu Bin put forward three expectations for Zhongyi's introduction of the amoeba management system:

First, believe that you can change, because you can see only by believing. Foryou Industries can change, and the same can be done with the middle wing. All people must be confident and face difficulties.

Second, flexibly apply "usage doctrine" and adhere to long-term doctrine. Through training and learning, Amoeba's thoughts will be rigid, optimized, and later solidified, hoping that Zhongyi can stand on the shoulders of Seiki to create its own characteristic innovation model.

Third, act now and turn practical training into actual combat. Time waits for no one. To carry out Amoeba management in depth, it is necessary to explain profound theories in simple language and act quickly.

As a witness of the transformation of Foryou Industries Co.Ltd, Mr. Tian Hexi pointed out that Foryou Industries has been on a broad road after years of painstaking exploration. This is the result of persistent learning. Foryou Industries has implemented amoeba management. After 8 years, the experience gained and the hurdles that have been traversed will surely be a reference for Zhongyi. I believe that relying on the shoulders of the giant Foryou Industries, Zhongyi will surely take off. Dream, fight a beautiful victory!

In the subsequent three-day training, Mr. Tian Hexi and Mr. Gu Yufeng presented wonderful training courses one after another for the trainees. Through the integration of theory and practice, they guided the company to sort out the context of operation and management with "idea + abacus". , In-depth understanding of the 8-step growth method, with the help of case and strategic analysis, so that the trainees can clearly understand the essence of business. During the three-day training, all the trainees were full of energy and the atmosphere on site was warm.

The introduction of the Amoeba management system in China Wing will inject strong vitality into China Wing’s long-term development. We firmly believe that under the leadership of the company’s leader Liu Bin,Foryou Industries will work with China Wing to breathe. Sharing the fate, will implement the successful experience of Amoeba, quickly transplant to Zhongyi, forging a more powerful management team, improve the physical and efficiency of management, based on a new starting point with new atmosphere, new courage and determination to change, Seek new development!