Announcement of the completion time of the 15# plant construction project of Huizhou Huayang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Huizhou Huayang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. High-precision Die-casting Parts Project (Phase 2) 15# Plant Construction Project Completion Time Announcement

In accordance with the "Regulations on the Environmental Protection Management of Construction Projects" and the "Announcement on Issuing the "Interim Measures for the Environmental Protection Acceptance of Construction Projects" (National Environmental Regulations and Environmental Assessment [2017] No. 4) and other requirements, our unit (company) disclosed Huizhou Huayang The completion date of the 15# plant project of Jingji Co., Ltd.'s high-precision die-casting parts project (Phase II): The completion date is December 5, 2018


Our unit promises to be responsible for the authenticity of the publicity time and assume all responsibilities arising therefrom.

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April 4, 2019