[Reproduced] The spirit of craftsmanship promotes "Huizhou Smart Manufacturing" to participate in the global high-end market competition. Huayang Precision Machinery sets up a German subsidiary to seize the European market

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Inheriting the spirit of craftsmanship, pursuing excellent quality, and constantly providing users with high-quality products, Huayang Precision Machinery has established a German subsidiary to seize the European market, and its products are directly supplied to top customers in the world

[Reproduced] The spirit of craftsmanship promotes

Huayang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. Intelligent Equipment R&D Center. This group of pictures is taken by Huizhou Daily reporter Tang Yuhang

Liu Bin, Chairman and General Manager of Huayang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

Count the highlights

Practicing the "μ-level thinking" and striving for perfection, the product precision reaches the μm (micron) level. 1μm micron is 0.001mm (millimeter), which is equivalent to 1/60 of a hair strand.

Customers include Toyota, Volkswagen, General Motors, Ford, Continental, ZF (ZF) and many other Fortune Global 500 companies, and their products are directly supplied to top global customers. In 2018, the introduction of new projects hit a record high.

In 2018, the annual sales were 486 million yuan, and the annual sales increased by more than 10 times in 10 years.

In the neat and bright CNC (Numerical Control Machine Tool) processing workshop, dozens of fully automatic high-precision CNC machine tools are out of sight. Looking at the past through the transparent cover, I saw that the tools in the machine tool kept rotating, turning, cutting, grinding, cleaning, polishing, and the automatic robotic arm on the side was assisting in handling semi-finished products... In a short while, these precision auto parts produced , Will be sent to Huayang Precision Machinery's customers all over the world, and become an indispensable part of automobiles.

"Our end customers are the world's top companies, including Toyota, Volkswagen, GM and other large global automakers. Maybe you have parts produced by our company in your car." Huizhou Huayang, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huayang Group Said Liu Bin, chairman and general manager of Yang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. "At the end of 2018, we established Huayang (Germany) Technology Co., Ltd. in Frankfurt, Germany, and actively seized the German and European markets. At present, it has become a major customer of many top customers in mainland China, ZF, Hella, Valeo, and GKN. Strategic partners, the development trend is very good, and the supply growth trend is good, which can completely offset the impact of Sino-US trade friction."

Upholding the spirit of craftsmanship, insisting on technological innovation and management innovation, with first-class product quality and fast delivery capabilities, Huayang Precision Machinery has been opening the door of top international customers all the way to promote "Huizhou Intelligent Manufacturing" to participate in the global high-end market competition, and also let Liu Bin in There is more confidence and confidence in dealing with the recent Sino-US trade frictions.

It is understood that in 2018 and the first quarter of this year, in the context of the slowdown in the domestic automobile market, Huayang Precision Machinery still bucked the trend and grew by more than 20%, and the development prospects are gratifying.

Market Development

The proportion of sales in the European market is expected to increase to 50%

In the current environment of Sino-US trade friction, whether it is directly or indirectly, it will have varying degrees of impact on Chinese and US companies. Huayang Precision Machinery has an earlier market layout. Products directly sold to the United States account for about 10%, and the indirect impact will not exceed 15%. Therefore, the overall impact on the company is limited, but the overall growth rate is slightly affected. Most of the 25% tariff imposed by the United States is mainly borne by American customers, and the impact on the company's overall revenue is limited.

What are the advantages of establishing a German subsidiary? "I just arrived in Germany last month. I visited European customers with our German technical experts, and communicated face-to-face with customers. The trend of acquiring new projects is getting better and better." Liu Bin said with a smile. First, I can actively participate in the world. High-end market competition, diversify the risks of a single market; the second is to directly face European customers, provide technical support for new product development, participate in preliminary research and development, provide logistics delivery, localized rapid response and other value-added services, and greatly enhance European market development capabilities.

The process of cooperation with German customers has also witnessed the growth of Huayang Precision Machinery's ability to participate in global competitiveness. "Before, we mainly supply German customers in Asia-Pacific companies. From the perspective of the German headquarters, there is still a certain gap in the quality of domestic products. The door cannot be opened even if we knock on the door. Now our entire product performance has won the customer’s approval. Highly trustworthy, the quality, price, and fast delivery capabilities of some products are even more competitive than other suppliers in Germany and Europe. It has become a strategic partner of many well-known German companies such as Continental, ZF, and Hella."

"Under the current situation, we will adjust the sales share of the North American market to less than 15%, vigorously develop the European market, and increase the sales share of Europe to about 50%. In the future, we expect to export our products to more than 10 European countries. The growth trend of the products is positive." Liu Bin said confidently.


New energy automobile precision parts plant is expected to be put into operation next month

In Huayang Industrial Park, a new factory was erected. "This is our newly-built new energy automobile precision parts plant. Customer orders have been confirmed. The key equipment is currently being debugged. It is expected to be put into operation in July this year."

New energy vehicles are the future development trend of the automotive industry. Liu Bin has high hopes for new energy auto parts products, and related products are already ready to go. "One of the company's future development priorities is the new energy direction. It has already cooperated with well-known foreign companies in large numbers, including the key precision components of the new energy three-electric system (battery, motor, electronic control)."

"The prospects for new energy products are very good. For example, this product, which is supplied to German customers, has been officially mass-produced in June, and orders continue to increase every month." In the exhibition hall, Liu Bin pointed to one of the new energy auto parts. .

The development of precision parts for new energy vehicles is already the fourth transformation of Huayang Precision Machinery. From the beginning of its establishment in 2008, it mainly focused on single products of laser head and zinc alloy. Now Huayang Precision Machinery's products include key automobile parts and precision 3C electronic parts. Walking into the company's exhibition hall, a wide range of various precision parts and components, many of which are unique in the world, "single champions" and competitive products.

Taking a car as an example, Huayang Precision Machinery can basically handle the precision parts such as the chassis system, steering system, brake control, etc., which involve precision die-casting. The products are used in many passenger vehicles such as Camry, Ralink, Volkswagen, BMW, etc. The domestic commercial vehicles such as Shaanxi Automobile, Heavy Duty Truck and Beiqi Foton have contributed to Huayang Precision Machinery.


To complete the "impossible task" considered by European experts

"As WABCO's global supplier, Huayang has always gone all out to play a key role in WABCO's continuous and rapid value creation process, while ensuring the highest quality product delivery and extremely high customer satisfaction... …"

This is a "Certificate of Appreciation for Value Creation" from WABCO (Wabco). It originated from Huayang Precision Machinery's help in helping WABCO solve the world's problems in the development and mass production of miniature valve bodies and help it solve the global supply Cargo crisis.

Huayang Precision Machinery also successfully developed WABCO's most difficult core product C-APU (Highly Integrated Commercial Vehicle Chassis Control System Air Handling Unit) project, and completed a task that European experts considered "impossible."

"Before this, other companies had failed in development, and some European experts even directly thought it was not feasible, but we used the most advanced precision die-casting technology in the industry to tackle key problems and successfully developed it, which was highly recognized by customers." Liu Bin said proudly.

Behind technological innovation, breaking the foreign technology monopoly, and competing with the industry's leading competitors is Huayang Precision Machinery's adherence to the craftsman spirit. The precision mold technology accumulated by Huayang Precision Machinery for a long time is the craftsman spirit of excellence.

"In the era of smart manufacturing, craftsmanship is even more needed." Liu Bin said, "I bought the best equipment with money. Without rigorous, careful, and dedicated quality, we can't make high-end products."

In cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong University, we developed the first zinc alloy conveyor line using siphon principle and automatic proportioning in China; spent a lot of money to introduce the world's most advanced and expensive industrial CT and other high-end manufacturing and testing equipment from Germany to solve high-precision The problem of internal defects in the foundry field; independent research and development of production line robots, currently 8 units have been tested, and 100 units are expected to be used this year, and will continue to increase in the future...

"If we want to participate in the global high-end market competition, we must increase investment. In the future, we will continue to increase investment in high-precision equipment to further ensure future development." Liu Bin said frankly. In recent years, Huayang Precision Machinery has closely integrated the spirit of craftsmanship with technological innovation, grasped the latest trends such as intelligent manufacturing and industry 4.0, and invested 7% to 10% of its operating income for research and development for many years.

Not only make great efforts in technological innovation, Huayang Precision Machinery also boldly carry out management innovation. In 2014, Huayang Precision Machinery began to adopt the amoeba independent business model of "idea + abacus", and through innovating business philosophy and business accounting methods, empowering and stimulating employees' enthusiasm, the company looks completely new.

Dialogue with entrepreneurs

Stick to the manufacturing industry and vigorously develop the real economy

Reporter: What are the considerations for establishing the German subsidiary?

Liu Bin: To open up the German and European markets, it is difficult to adapt to future development without localized services. For example, in the development of some new products, we urgently need to participate in advance from the development stage.

There is a time difference of about 6 hours between Frankfurt, Germany and China. We can make full use of the advantage of time difference. For some speedy projects, domestic and German colleagues can carry out R&D and design work without interruption, which greatly improves the ability of rapid R&D and delivery of products. .

Reporter: What do you think of the business environment in Huizhou?

Liu Bin: The business environment in Huizhou is very good, suitable for the long-term development of enterprises, taking root in the manufacturing industry, and developing the real economy. Relevant departments attach great importance to the development of talents, support enterprise innovation, and serve enterprises accurately.

When I came to Huizhou in 1993, Hehuayang Group has been rooted in Huizhou for long-term development. Since its establishment, Huayang Group has always adhered to the scientific and technological concept of serving the country as its own responsibility by industry and modern technology for the advancement of the country, and has always adhered to the duty of manufacturing and vigorously developed the real economy.

Compared with advanced cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, Huizhou will continue to increase the introduction of high-end talents. In recent years, Huayang Precision Machinery has also increased its efforts to recruit overseas returnees, attracting a group of technical experts from Japan and Germany to join.

Reporter: Since the beginning of this year, our city has successively introduced a series of policies and measures to support the development of the real economy and the private economy, such as the "Huixin Ten Measures" and the "Private Economic Ten Measures". What are the personal feelings of Huayang Precision Machinery?

Liu Bin: The continuous and rapid development of Huayang Precision Machinery has benefited from the strong support of Huizhou governments at all levels. Huayang Precision Machinery is the beneficiary of favorable policies such as supporting the development of the real economy, the development of the private economy, and reducing taxes and fees.

Huayang Precision Machinery invests huge sums of money in technological upgrading and transformation every year to move towards intelligent manufacturing and industry 4.0. It is more difficult to rely solely on the strength of the enterprise itself. With the support of relevant departments such as development and reform, industry and technology, our company can overcome many difficulties and accelerate the pace of participating in global competition.

Reporter: The automotive electronics industry is a business card of Huizhou. As an industry personage in related industries, how do you think the automotive electronics industry can develop further?

Liu Bin: The latest application technologies such as unmanned driving, digitalization, safety, energy saving and environmental protection, basically all rely on automotive electronics to achieve. Therefore, automotive electronics is the trend and direction for the future upgrade of the automotive industry, and there is still huge room for development.

In the field of automotive electronics, Huizhou can be said to be at the forefront of the country. However, some core technologies and key components, such as millimeter wave radar and lidar, still have a certain gap with foreign companies. Huizhou automotive electronics companies should continue to increase their R&D and investment in core technologies and actively participate in global competition. I believe that the Huizhou automotive electronics industry will get better and better.

Reporter observation

Carry forward the spirit of craftsman, polish up the business card of "Huizhou Smart Manufacturing"

At Huayang Precision Machinery, each piece of high-precision auto parts has refreshed the latest height of "Made in Huizhou", allowing people to see the confidence and confidence of "Made in Huizhou" to participate in the global high-end market competition.

Confidence and confidence come from the persistence of the craftsman spirit. It is precisely because there are such a large number of Huizhou industrialists who strive for perfection, pursue the ultimate, stick to the duty of manufacturing, and do business with no distractions, the business card of "Huizhou Intelligent Manufacturing" will become more and more attractive.


At present, Huizhou is striving to build a "2+1" trillion-level industrial cluster. It is more necessary to carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship, polish up the business card of "Huizhou Intelligent Manufacturing", and build Huizhou into a new growth pole on the east bank of the Pearl River with a strong mission and responsibility. The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is an important area for high-quality development and a first-class city in China.




Source: Huizhou Daily


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