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Scientific prevention and control of new crown pneumonia丨Rework: When you arrive safely, just follow these 3 rules!

Rework will soon be on the agenda. From one place to another, the massive increase in the flow of people also gives the virus an opportunity. How to do safety protection during rework
16 2020/02
16 2020/02

Hard core epidemic prevention丨Foryou Group strictly prevents and controls to ensure orderly resumption of work and production

At the moment of the epidemic, Foryou Group responded to the government's call and took active actions to scientifically prevent the epidemic, implement precise policies,
16 2020/02

epidemic prevention! Foryou loves to help build a line of defense

In the past few days, the pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus has touched people's hearts. In the face of this war without gunpowder,
16 2020/02
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