Stick to the manufacturing industry for more than 20 years, from workshop technician to company chairman

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The new era is the era of strugglers, and struggle itself is a kind of happiness. This issue of "Strugglers in the New Era" introduces the story of Liu Bin, the chairman of Huizhou Huayang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., to see how he struggled to grow from a workshop technician to the chairman of the company.

Stick to the manufacturing industry for more than 20 years, from workshop technician to company chairman
The new era is the era of strugglers, and struggle itself is a kind of happiness. This issue of "Strugglers in the New Era" introduces the story of Liu Bin, the chairman of Huizhou Huayang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., to see how he struggled to grow from a workshop technician to the chairman of the company.
When I first saw Liu Bin, he was wearing work clothes, a work hat, and a pair of white cloth shoes on his feet. These are also the company's work shoes. This dress is no different from ordinary employees. Liu Bin said that this is for the convenience of entering the workshop. As the chairman of Huizhou Huayang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., as long as he is in the company, Liu Bin will walk into the workshop almost every day to check work, check and track product quality on the spot, and put forward suggestions for improvement on the spot.
This year is the 24th year that Liu Bin has entered the Huayang Group. He has gone from an ordinary technician to the position of chairman of the board one step at a time. The position has changed, and Liu Bin's thinking is also changing. He used to fight for his own little life, but now he has to fight for the happiness of employees, the development of the company, and the promotion of the image of Chinese companies.


Character business card



Liu Bin


Born in 1965, my family was in an ordinary rural family in Fu County, Jiangxi Province. In 1986, he was admitted to Jiangxi University of Technology, majoring in mechanical manufacturing. After graduating in 1990, he was assigned to work in a state-owned military industrial enterprise in Ji'an. Later, he quit his "iron rice bowl" and went to work in Huizhou and joined Huayang Group in 1995. He is currently the chairman of Huizhou Huayang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.


Career choice

Quit the "iron rice bowl" to work hard in Huizhou

The company has nearly ten workshops, large and small, and there are many equipment in the workshops. Liu Bin is very familiar with each equipment. He knows all about which equipment has the characteristics and what it can do. It can be said that he has never left the position of the workshop since he has been a technician in the workshop for more than 20 years.

Of course, as the chairman of a company with more than 1,000 employees, his "battlefield" is not only on the factory floor, but also on the international market. He is very concerned about the international situation and politics, and he travels abroad from time to time. He also has his own views on the recent Sino-US trade war. "Because some of the company's products are eventually sold to the European, American and Japanese markets, and the company has always attached great importance to developing international markets, I have to care about the exchange rate of the renminbi." Liu Bin said, "Enterprises need to be profitable and profitable in order to sustain steady development. In order to make employees feel at ease and happiness."

In the course of more than 20 years of struggle, Liu Bin believes that whether it is personal growth or corporate development, choice is very important.

The turning point in Liu Bin's career originated from a choice he made 25 years ago.

Liu Bin was born in 1965 in an ordinary rural family in Fu County, Jiangxi Province. In 1986, he was admitted to Jiangxi University of Technology, majoring in mechanical manufacturing. After graduating in 1990, he was assigned to work in a state-owned military industrial enterprise in Ji'an.

After working for 3 years, under the influence of "Looking at Shenzhen in the 1980s and Huizhou in the 1990s", he had the idea to go out and take a look. He took a period of leave and tentatively found a job in Shenzhen with a monthly salary of 1,500 yuan. "Can you imagine how shocked I was at the time? I can only receive 100 yuan a month in my hometown." Liu Bin said that the income gap of more than ten times made him, a child from the countryside, decide to quit his "iron rice bowl." , To strive for a better life for yourself and your family.

In 1993, Liu Bin came to Huizhou. Why didn't you choose to go to Shenzhen? Liu Bin's explanation was that he felt a little hesitant when he came out alone, but in Huizhou, he had a few classmates, and at any rate he had a place to stay.

Liu Bin found a good job as a technician in a Hong Kong-funded battery company with a monthly salary of 2,500 yuan.

Two years later, Liu Bin made another important decision. He gave up this high-paying job and joined Xinhua Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xinhua Precision Machinery"), an affiliate of Huayang Group in 1995. Become an ordinary technician, and his monthly salary will be reduced by two-fifths.

But Liu Bin doesn't regret it at all. Because Liu Bin knew what he wanted. At that time, Xinhua Precision Machinery was cooperating with Japanese capital, where there was advanced technology and management experience in the industry. Liu Bin's salary reduction choice was to learn and grow.


For Liu Bin, this should be a very wise choice. It was this choice that he met his wife and got married in Huizhou. It was this choice that allowed him to grow up in Huayang Group step by step, from an ordinary technician to the chairman of the company.



Overcome difficulties


Lead the team to develop the most advanced laser head

This year is the 24th year that Liu Bin has entered the Huayang Group. He divided it into three periods, about every seven or eight years as a period. At every stage, there are stories of hard struggles, and at every stage, he has grown up.

8 years in Xinhua Precision Machinery, for Liu Bin, it is an important stage of learning and accumulation. "A lot of my business philosophy and management experience are the foundations I laid at that time."

In 1997, two years after joining Xinhua Precision Machinery, Liu Bin was promoted from a general technician to a technical section chief. At that time, DVD players had become a common entertainment facility in common people's homes. The laser head was a precision part of the DVD player, which was responsible for reading data and was also the main factor in determining the performance of the whole machine. To improve the performance of the DVD player, it is necessary to continuously improve the laser head technology. In response to the poor performance of the laser head, he led a team to set up a QC quality team to overcome the difficulties.

Tang Yunsen, who joined Xinhua Precision Machinery in April 1997, was one of the team members. He was deeply impressed by the work situation with Liu Bin at that time. At that time, Liu Bin was directly under the leadership of Tang Yunsen, and Tang Yunsen followed Liu Bin in technical research. It was common to work overtime. When it is rare to take a break, Liu Bin invites everyone to dinner at his home to cheer everyone on. Liu Bin got married in 1996. His wife is also a colleague. Both the couple are easy-going people. The dining atmosphere is very good. Liu Bin and his colleagues get along very well.

"I remember once, in order to debug the equipment as soon as possible, everyone worked continuously for more than 30 hours all night, and finally ensured that the product was delivered on time." Tang Yunsen said, "Mr. Liu is a very good person. Under him, everyone is willing to work hard. Live. Many of our technicians said that if it weren't for Section Chief Liu, you might not be able to fight like this."

Based on the success of the group project and the economic benefits it brings, the group led by Liu Bin won the first prize of the Guangdong Province QC group selection that year.


In April 2000, in order to introduce the next generation of high-tech, high-difficulty, and ultra-thin laser head models, Liu Bin led a team to Hitachi Multimedia Co., Ltd. in Japan for training as the deputy technical director. Six months later, an ultra-thin model was mass-produced at Xinhua Precision Machinery. Soon, he was promoted to the factory manager and continued to lead the team to develop the most advanced laser heads, and the company's laser head output continued to hit new highs.




As the chairman of Huizhou Huayang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., as long as he is in the company, Liu Bin (right) walks into the workshop almost every day to check work, check and track product quality on the spot


Develop business


The company's employees range from dozens to tens of thousands

In 2002, Liu Bin was transferred to the newly established Huizhou Huayang Multimedia Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huayang Multimedia"), and he was still in charge of the laser head system business. Unlike before, Liu Bin's work and technology at Xinhua Precision Machinery are all dominated by Japan, while Huayang Multimedia is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huayang Group, and both technology and business need to be developed by itself. However, thanks to the learning and accumulation of working at Xinhua Precision Machinery, Liu Bin quickly got started. For the next 7 years, he almost reached a step every year, from assistant general manager to executive deputy general manager. In just a few years, the company has grown from dozens of employees to over 10,000 employees. This shows that the company's business volume has grown rapidly. .

Behind these fast-growing business volumes, Liu Bin also paid a lot of effort. Especially in the first two years, you can write memorabilia almost every month. In early 2002, it entered Huayang Multimedia. In March, it started the preparatory preparation for the introduction of laser head precision coil business. In May, the coil began mass production. In June, preparations for the commissioned processing business of Huayang Multimedia Laser Heads began. Since July, the main DVD half-height and ultra-thin models have been introduced and mass production has been successfully achieved. In August, the establishment of the Chenjiang Xingda Park factory was started. From December 2002 to March 2003, preparing to build a factory in Yonghua Industrial Park... Until 2009, Liu Bin was busy negotiating business, researching and developing products, realizing mass production, preparing to build a factory (business office), etc. .

It is precisely because of these efforts that both the company and Liu Bin have won many honors during this period. In 2003, Huayang Multimedia was recognized as a high-tech enterprise by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology. In 2006, Liu Bin was awarded the title of Excellent Communist Party Member of the Huizhou Municipal Party Committee. In 2008, Liu Bin also became the "Torchbearer of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Torch Relay in Huizhou".


During the 7 years of Huayang Multimedia in Huizhou City, Liu Bin's management skills have also been exercised and brought into play. When the SARS crisis came in 2003, Liu Bin's factory had nearly 10,000 employees, but he adopted effective management measures in many aspects, strictly and orderly implemented body temperature measurement and isolation measures, and treated the factory's important customers equally. In the end, there was no case of infection in the whole factory, and the crisis passed smoothly. For this reason, in 2003, Liu Bin was also named "Advanced Individual Worker in the Fight against SARS" by the Huizhou Municipal People's Government.


Be in danger


Enterprises must transform and innovate and upgrade

In 2008, affected by the global financial crisis, Huayang Group established Huizhou Huayang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huayang Precision Machinery") in order to improve its independent innovation capabilities. In 2009, Liu Bin became the general manager of Huayang Precision Machinery.

This entrepreneurial venture is different from the one in 2002, and it also makes Liu Bin feel more pressured. In order to connect with the group's industry, "Hua Yang Precision Machinery" mainly produces core precision parts for automobiles. This is a transformation for Liu Bin, who has been engaged in precision parts of laser heads. And Liu Bin's requirement for himself is not only to transform, but also to innovate and upgrade.

In order to determine the product positioning of the new company, Liu Bin led the team to inspect the domestic and international markets. Finally, the company's business is positioned in the field of high-precision/high-end die-casting, for the development of key components such as automobile engines/gearboxes, brake controls, and safe steering. "To make ordinary products, we no longer have a competitive advantage compared to countries with lower labor costs such as India, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Then we can only do high-end products. It is the most cost-effective." Liu Bin said.

At that time, the "Huizhou City Accelerating the Promotion of Independent Innovation Action Plan" was promulgated. The government also attached great importance to scientific and technological innovation, and issued a series of encouragement and support policies. After clarifying the positioning, coupled with government policy support, finally Liu Bin led the team to firm up his conviction and devoted himself to innovation and entrepreneurship without hesitation.

Innovation and entrepreneurship

To build a leading enterprise in the precision die casting industry

From 2009 to 2014, Liu Bin felt the most difficult 5 years. Start late, no industry experience, no customers... everything starts from scratch. How can we take the first step? Liu Bin's idea is simple, that is, to find target customers and strive for the opportunity to give it a try. But the truth is not easy.

Liu Bin targeted the world's outstanding automotive suppliers. For this reason, when they found out where the purchasing managers of these suppliers were on business, they went to that city to recommend themselves. "It's normal to eat closed doors, but you have to be cheeky and run a few cities with the other party." Liu Bin said, following a lot, and if his face is familiar, he will have a chance.

Once the customer agrees to try the company's product, Liu Bin will lead the team and work hard to make this product the best in the industry. In this way, a little bit of recognition from customers. Liu Bin remembers that in order to win an American customer, he followed it for 6 years, and after countless product tests, he was finally recognized by the customer. In 2014, the customer signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with the company.

With the first one, there is the second... Liu Bin and his team spent 5 years fighting for each client, working on projects one by one, overcoming difficulties one by one, and finally the company ushered in a new development: 2010 The company was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise. In the past five years, the company has successively obtained a number of invention and new utility patents, completed a number of scientific and technological achievements transformation projects, and undertook 7 national, provincial and municipal scientific and technological projects and technological transformation projects. The company's zinc alloy high-precision die-casting mold technology is in the forefront of its domestic counterparts; the aluminum alloy business's automotive engine/gearbox, brake control, safe steering and other core parts and components have initially formed domestic and international competitive advantages. Liu Bin was also named a model worker in Huizhou in 2010 and won the Zhongkai High-tech Zone Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award in 2012.

Liu Bin likened the company's development in the first five years to a seedling, and after three years of growth, the seedling has grown into a small tree in 2018. This little tree is not simple. "The company is mainly to provide competitive and secure products and services to outstanding customers in the automotive and 3C fields. At present, most of the company's main customers are world-renowned and industry-leading Fortune 500 companies." Liu Bin said, his goal is, In another five years, let this small tree grow into a big tree, and the company can grow into a leading enterprise in the precision die casting industry.

In January this year, Liu Bin was promoted to the chairman of the company. The burden on his body has become heavier, and he has become more busy. The company has added a new workshop and the equipment is being debugged. At the same time, he has begun to think about how to further improve the company's production efficiency and core competitiveness in the context of the development of Industry 4.0.




Huayang production workshop


Other views

Talk about craftsmanship


In the era of intelligent manufacturing, the spirit of craftsmanship is even more needed. I bought the best equipment with money. Without the rigorous, careful, and dedicated quality, I can't make high-end products. The craftsman spirit is not only reflected in a product, but also in the product system. Not only a certain part needs craftsmanship, but all parts on this product system need craftsmanship. This kind of product is the best and the most reassuring for customers and consumers. Therefore, I admire the team craftsman spirit, the system craftsman spirit, not one person is great, but the whole team is great, from point, line, surface to the whole, do the best and create the greatest value.

Talk about corporate mission

Managing the company for many years, I have been thinking about the mission of the company. What I sum up is to make society a better place. Enterprises serve the society through products and solve various needs and problems for the society. When the scope of the company's products and services is larger, the greater the contribution it makes to society, and the society will become better because of this. As far as our company is concerned, I have another idea. Our company participates in global competition, so I feel that I also shoulder the responsibility of enhancing the image of Chinese companies.

Talk about business management

When an enterprise develops to a certain level, technology-driven and management innovation must be organically integrated to achieve better development. The management model mainly solves the problems of people's hearts and talents. People's minds means that all employees must reach consensus and seek development, and work hard for the development of the enterprise. When there is a consensus, we will cultivate the abilities of employees. Of course, everyone's abilities are different, so what should I do? Just ask the teacher to come over for targeted training.

Talk about service concept

The enterprise must serve "two people" well, one is the external person (customer) and the other is the internal person (employee). The customer is the person who decides the life and death of the company, and the employee is the person who controls the life and death of the company. The survival and development of an enterprise must meet the needs of both customers (external) and employees (internal). Serving customers is to provide competitive products and services and continue to create value for customers; to serve employees is to build a happy enterprise, improve employee benefits, and provide employees with development opportunities and platforms. ——— Liu Bin, Chairman of Huizhou Huayang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

his impression

"Liu is always a man of self-cultivation, employees make mistakes, he can tolerate, but he is not unprincipled laissez-faire; he is also a very innovative spirit and strategic vision, forward and in-depth thinking has benefited us a lot. He also broadened his horizons a lot. He is still a person who values ​​talents very much. He often tells us that he is not a manager, but a server, serving customers and employees. Under his leadership, the company’s technical management talents , The annual turnover rate is less than 1%."

——— Gao Xinfang, Human Resources Manager, Huizhou Huayang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.


Liu Bin’s goal is that the company can grow into a leading enterprise in the precision die casting industry



I will work hard when I am under pressure

Toshi reporter: From an ordinary technician to chairman, what are your gains?

Liu Bin: I studied manufacturing, and I am also engaged in the manufacturing industry. After so many years of experience, I feel that I still have to return to the original point, stick to the manufacturing duty, go step by step, and earnestly and pragmatically do a good job in the product. Of course, in this process, the government's policy support and the group's care and training are indispensable.

Dongshi reporter: You have mentioned many times that you want to make the product top-notch, and you always have such high demands on yourself. Do you feel too tired?

Liu Bin: We are participating in global competition. The competition is fierce. We must do our best to remain competitive. This process is of course very hard and tiring, but we can't just put "tired" on our lips, we can only swallow it ourselves. This is struggle, and happiness comes from struggle.

Dongshi reporter: Have there been any regrets, or lessons learned?

Liu Bin: The most regrettable thing is that Huayang Precision Machinery was in the early stage of its business. Because the salary was not high, some talents were not retained. If we can pay more attention to this point and retain talents, perhaps Huayang Precision Machinery will develop better and faster. .

Dongshi reporter: So now we pay special attention to talents. As you said, do you want to serve employees?

Liu Bin: Yes, it is not only necessary to improve employees' treatment, but also to develop a platform for them. I introduced the Amoeba business model to let them participate in the company's operation and grow together with the company.

Dongshi reporter: What is the amoeba business model?

Liu Bin: To put it simply, it is to divide the company into many small organizations called small amoeba. Each small organization acts as an independent profit center and operates independently according to the model of small businesses and small shops. In this way, it is clear at a glance how much value each employee can create.

Dongshi reporter: Will that cause a lot of pressure on employees?

Liu Bin: Amoeba management is an excellent management model for activating individuals and organizations; from another perspective, there is pressure and motivation, and there will be passion for struggle. Happiness is the result of hard work. To build a happy enterprise requires all employees to work together to produce more food, and to produce more food creatively.

Text in this edition Photo by Xiang Jinqun, reporter of Dongjiang Times Photographed by Zhou Nan, reporter of Dongjiang Times